About Chandra Taal Lake

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Himachal Pradesh lies a hidden gem known as Chandra Taal Lake, often referred to as the “Moon Lake” due to its crescent shape. This pristine high-altitude lake, situated at an elevation of approximately 14,100 feet, is a natural wonder that beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Mythological Point

  • The legends believed that the Chandratal Lake lies in the proximity of the God’s place.
  • Yudhishthira, the eldest brother of the Pandavas in Mahabharata picked up the God Indra’s chariot at this place.
  • This place is totally flocked by a lot of Hindu devotees due to this ancient history.
  • Also, the color of the water of this sacred lake varies from red to orange to blue to further emerald green throughout the day.

The Natural Beauty

Chandra Taal Lake’s allure is undeniable. Surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks and lush meadows, it presents a visual symphony of colors and contrasts. The crystal-clear waters reflect the azure skies and the rugged grandeur of the Himalayas, creating a picture-perfect scene that seems almost surreal.

Another fable of Chandra Taal Lake

  • Once upon a time, there was a shepherd who used to visit this place with his sheep.
  • There, he met a beautiful fairy who were residing in that lake and fell in love with her.
  • He used to spend his time with fairy instead of his wife.
  • That fairy asked for a promise that he will not tell anyone about her existence or she will leave him.
  • But after passing years with her peacefully, he broke his promise and the fairy disappeared when he visited the lake next day.
  • He used to cry and plead in front of the lake, hoping to return the fairy but that never happened.
  • The local residents of the area still believed that descendendants of the shepherd still visit this place and hope to meet the fairy again.

Exploring Chandra Taal Lake: A Journey of Discovery

  • Adventurous Pursuits
    1. Chandra Taal Lake beckons adventure enthusiasts with a plethora of thrilling opportunities.
    2. The Chandra Taal Trek is a must for trekking aficionados, leading through lush valleys and high-altitude deserts.
    3. This trek culminates in the awe-inspiring sight of the lake itself, where the journey is as rewarding as the destination.
  • Camping Under the Stars
    1. Camping by Chandra Taal Lake promises a unique and unforgettable experience.
    2. Picture yourself beside a crackling campfire, enveloped by the serene silence of the mountains.
    3. Gaze up at a mesmerizing canopy of stars, offering a chance to disconnect from daily life and reconnect with nature’s purest form.
  • Wildlife Encounters
    1. Chandra Taal is not just about captivating landscapes; it’s also a habitat for diverse flora and fauna.
    2. Keep your camera ready for potential sightings of the elusive Himalayan ibex, graceful snow leopards, and various species of migratory birds in this pristine environment.
  • Cultural Significance
    1. Chandra Taal Lake holds deep cultural significance for both the Hindu and Buddhist communities.
    2. Discover small shrines and prayer flags dotting the area, signifying its sacred status among the locals.
  • Planning Your Visit
    1. Chandra Taal Lake is accessible during the summer months, typically from June to September, when the snow has melted.
    2. The nearest major town is Manali, serving as the gateway to this natural wonder.
    3. Please note that due to its high altitude, visitors may experience altitude sickness, so it’s crucial to acclimatize properly before embarking on your adventure.

The Chandra Taal is also famous for trekking as it offers the most picturesque scenery of the gigantic mountains and turquoise blue water. While trekking through Chandra Taal Lake, you can also enjoy the panoramic views of the Lahaul region along with the snow-covered mountains of Minar, Talagiri, Tara Pahar, and Mulkila which are over 6000m high above the sky. Isn’t it amazing that you are 5000m above high in the sky and so, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Chandratal Lake and get ready for a thrilling experience.

At a Glance

  • 31°30′N 78°11′E
  • China, India
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Kinnaur
  • 175 Km
  • Sutlej River