About Dashair and Dhankar Lake

Dashair and Dhankar Lake has situated nearby the Rohtang Pass that connects Kullu with Lahaul. The lake is located at an elevation of 4270 m above sea level. It has another name which is often called Sarkund. Basically, the Dhankar lake lies above the monastery of Dhankar which is in Spiti. You can reach here by a trek from the monastery.

Apart from their scenic and panoramic view, Dashair and Dhankar Lakes are considered to be half man-made and natural. If you want to relax your mind and soul, then the trip to Dashair and Dhankar lake is a must for you. The climatic condition over here is similar to polar conditions as the population is really low. In this region, you will rarely see rainfall but snowfall appears all year. You can come here and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this lake and its surroundings any time but the month between mid-May and mid-October is the best suited for you.

As per the legend and history, King Puran Lal of Sialkot visited this particular place and decided to construct a lake over here. There are some other stories as well that say, Lord Shiva stayed at this lake for some time in search of Lord Vishnu. While Lord Shiva was in search of Lord Vishnu, meanwhile, his attendant Nandi drank some water from this place, and as a token of love, Lord Shiva blessed this area with plenty of water.

Mythological Point

  • Location –As stated earlier, the lake is situated nearby the Rohtang pass connects Kullu with Lahaul.
  • Visiting Hours-You can visit here and enjoy the surreal beauty anytime but you could enjoy more during summer, from May to October.
  • Surface Elevation- 4270m
  • Height-High-altitude lake
  • Length-3,000 m

There is also another side of the story to it which says that Lord Indra once saw the dryness of the place and complained to Lord Shiva about this. But as mentioned earlier, Lord Shiva was busy searching for Lord Vishnu, so the request made by Lord Indra has been delayed. Seeing the delay, Lord Indra was so outrageous that he threw his axe on the place, as a result, a spring came out and formed a beautiful lake. Since then, on every Mouni Amavasya, a festival is celebrated by the local residents of this place, and that too with full devotion.

Few miles away from the lake, there is the Dhankar Monastery, one of the five main Buddhist centers and a major tourist attraction in the Spiti region. You can reach Dashair and Dhankar Lake by a trek from the monastery.

If you want to spend some time alone, then you can just sit by the lake and experience the beauty of nature. You can also come here along with your family and enjoy the moments of solitude far away from the chaos of the city. Dashair and Dhankar Lake seem like green emerald that is surrounded by thick and gigantic mountains. You can go camping over here and also this destination is most famous for sightseeing, various adventure activities, bird-watching, and many more. During winter, this place will give you a more mystical view and when a ray of light falls on the lake, it will become more sparkling and awestruck. Also, at that time the lake is completely frozen and you will get to see the snow-capped mountain that is quite magnificent. There are several boarding, lodging, and equipment amenities provided by the travel & tourism industry that helps the tourists to discover a bit more about the place and its localities. You can visit this place number of times and experience the unexplored part of nature.

At a Glance

  • 31°30′N 78°11′E
  • China, India
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Kinnaur
  • 175 Km
  • Sutlej River