About Pandoh Lake

Still thinking about where to plan your next trip and relax your mind? So, you do not have to worry much, just pack your bags and travel to Pandoh Lake. If you are planning to go on a solo trip or with your loved ones, then this place is just the best for you. The lake is situated at Mandi, Himachal Pradesh which is exactly 88 kilometers away from Manali. As you know, Himachal Pradesh is known for its gigantic mountains, luscious green dense forest, and enchanting lakes where most of the tourists get spell-bounded by its ethereal beauty. If you really want to enjoy it, then you must visit Pandoh Lake, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions. This deep blue lake is so captivating and of course so delightful to watch, I mean you could just sit back and stare at the sparkling water all day long. The peace which you get from here is just wonderful and priceless.

Mythological Point

  • Location –Pandoh Lake is situated in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Visiting Hours-In order to feel the breeze and watch the scenic beauty surrounded by the lake, you can visit here from April to July and September to December but the timings are from 6:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M
  • Entry Fee-There are zero charges to visit the place
  • Height-76m(249 ft)
  • Length-255m(837 ft)

The main source of lake water comes from Pandoh Dam which is basically an embankment dam on the Beas River in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The lake diverts from Beas water and pours it into the water of Satluj which is then used to prevent electricity. The dam was established in the year 1977 under the Beas Project and its main purpose was to generate hydroelectric power. This power generation is used for the Dehar Power House has an installed capacity of 990 MW. The lake acts as a basin for Pandoh dam that comes under the administration of the Bhakra Beas Management Board. There is a road built over the dam which comes under a part of NH 21. If you are an adventure freak and nature lover, then Pandoh lake is the best destination you will ever encounter.

You can do camping over here that gives you a beautiful view of starry nights or you can just sit around with a bunch of people to enjoy bonfires with some music and lots of story-telling stuff. Some of us are really adventurous and without water sports, we think our trip to a mesmerizing lake is just meaningless. So, Pandoh Lake provides you with the most chilling white water rafting experience and the view of high waves over here is really breathtaking. The visually appealing and attention-grabbing lake is most famous for sightseeing, various adventure activities, bird-watching, and many more. This place is best for nature lovers as it is surrounded by different kinds of plants and flowers that are really attractive and eye-catchy.

Pandoh Lake lies in the foothills of huge mountain ranges that add an extra star to its beauty. The place is really perfect for walks, boating, and for fun-filled picnics. If you are a travel blogger and love to capture each picturesque view with your camera, then I am sure you will definitely fill your gallery with this snow-capped mountain and sparkling water. You will totally get admired by hearing the chirping voice of different kinds of birds. During winters, when the rays of light fall on the ground after filtering from the trees, then the view becomes more awesome and heavenly. There are several boarding, lodging, and equipment facilities provided by the travel & tourism industry that helps the tourists to explore a bit more about the place. At last, I just want to add that Pandoh lake will fill your trip with positive energy and a magical vibe.

At a Glance

  • 31°30′N 78°11′E
  • China, India
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Kinnaur
  • 175 Km
  • Sutlej River