About Renuka ji Lake

Renuka Lake lies in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh and is approximately 672m above the sea level. It is considered as the largest lake of the Himachal Pradesh with a circumference of 3214. Renuka Lake is situated at a distance of 37km from Nahan and 60km away from the Paonta sahib covering the surrounding area of 2.5km. It is well connected by the road. Boating is available on the lake.

This lake got its name from the goddess Renuka and she was the mother of Parshuram. The water of the lake is spread in the shape of forming a reclining woman representing the persona of Renuka goddess. In November 2005, Renuka lake is also designated as a Ramsar site. The lake is connected to the road and you can easily get to the lake on your vehicle. Apart from the scenic view, there is a lion safari and zoo at the lake. You can also enjoy boating there too.

Mythological Point

  • There is a 5 day long fair which is famous on an international level, known as Shri Renuka Ji fair begins on the eve of Prabodhini Ekadashi, the arrival day of son Lord Parshuram.
  • According to ancient Puranas, the famous Renuka Tirth is considered the birthplace of Lord Parshuram. He was the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
  • Renuka lake got its name when Maharishi Jamdagni was killed by Shastrabahu. After that, Bhagwati Renuka Ji jumped into the water, known as Ram Sarovar, and took Jal Samadhi there.
  • It is written that the moment goddess Renuka jumped into the Ram Sarovar, it took the shape of the lady and they named it Renuka Ji lake.

Sanctuary of Renuka Lake

  • The total area of wildlife sanctuary is approximately 4.028km2 and there is a well connected road to it. So, you can easily visit their on your vehicles.
  • The whole area of the Renuka Reserve Forest surrounding Renuka Lake has been declared as Abhayaranya.
  • The area that is situated on the outside of the sanctuary has been designated as buffer belt and is approximately 3km.
  • According to the classification of Wildlife Institute of India (WII), the Renuka lake sanctuary lies in the biogeographical zone IV and biogeographical province IV.
  • But according to the classification of forest type, this area falls under the group of 5B/C2 which is a dry mixed deciduous forest and group 5/051 which is dry sal forest.

If you want to just relax, then Renuka lake is the best place to visit and you can enjoy the natural glory of Himachal Pradesh there. You can enjoy walking around the lake and can admire the huge slopes of mountains fully covered with vegetation and forest. So, plan your trip to Renuka Lake now and do not forget to visit the nearby places of Renuka Lake including Jammu Peak (8km away from the lake), Jataun Dam (5km away from lake). There is also a mini zoo just at a distance of 2km from the main lake and enjoy a glimpse of animals like Nilgai, Asiatic lions, and Himalayan black bears. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and pack your bags now.

At a Glance

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  • India
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Sirmaur
  • 672 m
  • 672 m