Baikunth Magnolia, Manali

Baikunth Magnolia, Manali



Rediscover yourself in the serene landscape of Baikunth Magnolia in Manali, the land of gods, one of the most spectacular Indian hill stations. The cool greenness with its numerous species of native alpine flora is a balm for the dust-weary soul. Adjoining a Deodar forest, Baikunth Magnolia is a haven of tranquility; the only sounds are of the wind softy rustling through the trees and the distant calls of birds. As your eyes rest on the open blue skies and magnificent sunsets, the cool, pine-scented air revives you as you admire the breathtaking Himalayas and the green valley below. Baikunth Magnolia offers luxurious comfort in nature’s lap, with 10 well-equipped Deluxe Rooms - perfect for you. All the rooms are spacious and furnished with exquisite style; with a minibar, telephone, and cable television to make your stay enjoyable. Each room has its own private balcony with spectacular views.

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