Casa Bella Vista Cottage, Manali

Casa Bella Vista Cottage, Manali



Nestled within lush greenery amidst a panoramic expanse of trees, Casa Bella Vista reigns as Manali's ultimate retreat. Its majestic interiors echo regal splendor, harmonizing seamlessly with meticulously groomed outdoor spaces. Awaken to the melodic symphony of birdsong and gentle breezes, indulging in breathtaking vistas from your private balcony. This haven not only offers a glimpse into Himalayan culture but also invites exploration through enchanting treks veiled within cedar forests, and heritage walks unveiling the essence of Manali.
Experience serene stays at StayVista within Casa Bella Vista, nestled in Manali. Embrace garden views and proximity to Hidimba Devi Temple, Circuit House, and Manu Temple. Revel in the convenience of a balcony, free private parking, and complimentary WiFi while basking in the tranquil ambiance of the property's lush grounds
An idyllic escape for nature enthusiasts, Casa Bella Vista promises a serene sanctuary amid the hills. Unveil the allure of this exquisite abode for a tranquil sojourn. To ensure your comfort and security, familiarize yourself with our Home Truths, House Rules, and Policies.

What makes Casa Bella Vista special:
  • Immerse yourself in Himalayan culture
  • Serenity within dense forests
  • Opulent interiors exuding regality
  • Spacious interiors with charming attics
  • Manicured lawns offering tranquil seating
  • Furnished balconies showcasing Himalayan vistas
  • Himalayan heritage walks and picnics
  • Panoramic views of stunning landscapes
  • Proximity to beautiful Old Manali (1km)

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