Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Hamirpur

Himachal Pradesh Technical University, Hamirpur



The Himachal Pradesh Technical University is established in the year 2010 by an Act of the Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh with the objective of value creation and the welfare of society through technical education training, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and continuing education programs. At the same time, the University is responsive to the changing and exceptional requirements of our society and economy and contributes to finding answers to global problems. The University offers both short-term and long-term programs leading to Advance diplomas and Degrees, which are conventional as well as innovative through public and private participation. Most of these programs have been developed after an initial survey of the demand for such Programs. Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal Honorable Ex-Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh has announced the establishment of Himachal Pradesh Technical University with the objective to create an excellent competent environment to impart technical education across the State. Accordingly, the Himachal Pradesh Technical University (Established and Regulation ) Act, 2010 (Act No. 16 of 2010 of Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly was asserted by the Honorable Governor on 28th July 2010. Subsequently, the Governor, of Himachal Pradesh is pleased to appoint the 21st of August 2010 as the date on which the said Act shall come into force. The first Vice-Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh Technical University has taken over the charge on 7th January 2011.

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