Raj Mahal Palace Hotel

Raj Mahal Palace Hotel


During the state time, this entire complex was the Royal guest House where other Royalties making a state visit to them would stay, as well as Politicians and foreign Royal Guests were all made to stay by the Mandi Royal family. The Royal Family Residence in the main place from which they shifted into this complex in the 1970's. They still reside in the main part of this palace complex which is private. Part of it was the state guest house of Mandi state and the other part was used by Bhawani Sen, then the ruler, the royal family residence, the Bijai Palace. His Highness, Joginder Sen the ruler then shifted to the Bhawani Palace and he was the ambassador to Brazil. His tenure was very distinguished. After retirement, he was partly in Delhi, Pune and Mandi. His holiness Mr Dalai Lama was a good friend. He had come over to the Palace and stayed with him. There were unnumbered guests, one of them were Mrs Gandhi and Lord Mount Baton and his wife. Mr Rorik (the famous Russian painter) was also his good friend.

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