Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp Kotgarh, Shimla

Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp Kotgarh, Shimla



Nestled amidst the cool mountains of Shivalik, WILD HIMALAYA glamping camp offers a luxurious getaway experience. Surrounded by Blue Pine forest and Apple farms, the camp boasts three lavish tents and a spacious pitch area. Guests can wake up to marvelous views of dense mountain ranges and spectacular morning sunrises, with a stunning sight of snow-capped mountains in the east and the mighty Hatu peak towards the south. The camp provides an ideal setting to acclimatize oneself for exploring Kinnaur, Spiti, and the Himalayan ranges. Guests can indulge in magnificent nature walks, visit Jarol's renowned apple farms, and take a walk around the majestic lake Tanujubber. For those seeking a little more adventure, the camp offers jungle trekking, bike rides, and local activities like Cherry and Apple Harvesting, as well as winter snow games. In addition to the scenic beauty and exciting activities, WILD HIMALAYA takes pride in offering local cuisine, organic food, and seasonal fruits such as Apples, Pears, apricots, Cherry, Prune, and many more.

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