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eHimachal devoirs and values all ethical facets related to the confidentiality of our readers and visitors of our website. Our ‘Privacy Policy’ is enclosed in the vicinity of the type of exclusive information that is acquired and collected, and its use.

eHimachal makes use of the log files which contain information regarding the Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet Service Provider ,referring page, number of clicks, exit pages, etc. This gathered information is used to monitor the site, to track the user's movement within the website, and also to obtain the analytical information. However, the user's personal identity can be traced via these log files.

Our website uses cookies too which are small text files containing small data that helps the website to identify the category of its users.

eHimachal also uses third party content on its website. Among them, our advertising and affiliated web partners may use these cookies and web beacons on our website. Our team may embed text/image hyperlinks and widgets which are linked to our associated partners and also advertisers. We may be reimbursed for the number of clicks and views per page. These parties can also imply web technologies such as javascript and web beacons for the customization of our content.

eHimachal does not have any authority or access to the cookies or info that may be gathered by these third party applications or marketing companies. You are advised to look into the privacy policy of our third party advertisement servers or networks for the proper details on the information they collect and their usage.

Whereas, you can choose to disable all the cookies easily in the settings as our browser facilitates this service.

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