Famous Rivers in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh or we can say that “The Land of Gods”, is booming with natural beauty. Himachal Pradesh boasts a gleaming view of Himalayan mountains along with the harmonic symphony of Himalayan rivers flowing through the steep mountain slopes. These flickering rivers of Himachal originate majorly from the imposing glaciers of the western Himalayas located in India, Nepal, and Tibetan borders. These glimmering rivers make the state look more stunning. The curving flowing rivers in Himachal are the major reason for allurement for tourists in Himachal Pradesh. For relishing, tourists enjoy doing trekking and camping alongside the river. Apart from recreational activities in Himachal Pradesh, these rivers also play a crucial role in the various issues of India including economic issues, and traditional, social, or climatic conditions.
We all know that these rivers are the backbone of our economy as the mineral water flowing in these rivers is used in various chores such as farming, electricity, fishing, trading, or even in-house chores for cooking, drinking, and washing. Let’s know more in detail about the rivers in Himachal Pradesh. The major rivers in Himachal Pradesh are;

Mystical Rivers of Himachal Pradesh

Baspa River in Himachal Pradesh
Originates: Kinnaur Length: 75km

Baspa River is a side stream of the Sutlej River.The origin of Baspa River is from the Indo-Tibetan border and is fed by perennial glaciers…

Beas River in Himachal Pradesh
Originates: Rohtang La Length: 470km

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Bhaga River in Himachal Pradesh
Originates: Surya Taal Length: 63km

The Bhaga river originates from Surya taal lake, which is situated a few kilometers east of the Bara-lacha la pass

Chakki River in Himachal Pradesh
Originates: Beas River Length: 470km

Chakki River is one of the tributaries of Beas River. It flows through Himachal Pradesh and Punjab and merges with Beas

Chenab River in Himachal Pradesh

Chenab river is one of the most momentous river flowing in Jammu & Kashmir. It was originally known as Chandrabhaga river

Giri River in Himachal Pradesh

Giri River is also famous as “Giri Ganga” and is an important river which feeds the Yamuna river. Giri River originates from the hills of Kotkhai

Markanda River in Himachal Pradesh

The Markanda river flows through the Sirmaur district, Ambala district and Shahabad Markanda town in Kurukshetra.

Pabbar River in Himachal Pradesh
Originates: Tons River Length: 470km

Pabbar River is one of the tributaries of the Tons River and it further drains into the river Yamuna. Pabbar river is situated

Parvati River in Himachal Pradesh

Parvati River is also known as Parbati River and is situated in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. It flows in the northern

Ravi River in Himachal Pradesh
Originates: Chamba Length: 720km

Ravi river in ancient vedas, originally known as Parushani or Iravati to Indians in vedic times. Ravi river just like Chenab flows

Spiti River in Himachal Pradesh
Originates: Kunzum Pass Length: 470km

Spiti River has its origin from Kunzum Mountain Range, which is situated at a height of 16,000 ft above sea level. Spiti River snags

Sultlej River in Himachal Pradesh

Sutlej river, earlier spelled as Satluj River is the longest of the 5 rivers of Punjab in northern India and Pakistan.It is north of Vindhya Range

Tons River in Himachal Pradesh

The Tons river originates from the Ruinsara snout and flows through Garhwal, the western part of the Himalayan state of Uttaranchal

Uhl River in Himachal Pradesh

Uhl river originates from the Thamsar glacier which is situated in the Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas and flows through the Uhl valley

Yamuna River in Himachal Pradesh

Yamuna originally pronounced as Jumna/Jamuna is considered as the second largest side stream of the Ganga and is the longest river in India

River Trekking Basic Equipments

  • Comfortable walking shoes with a good grip
  • Waterproof warm jacket. Woollen/tennis socks and stockings
  • Sunglasses, headgear, rucksack. Other types of bags are feasible only if you plan to hire porters and ponies
  • Water bottle, Swiss Army knife
  • Tent, Sleeping bag, and foam groundsheet
  • Gloves, Umbrella
  • Medical and first aid equipment
  • Photography equipment (if you want to return with memories for a lifetime)
  • Torch with batteries
  • Compass, Binoculars, Cooking equipment, Food, and ration (fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and milk are rarely in short supply along the trails apart from the higher reaches and parts of the Trans Himalayas).

Activities on these Rivers

  • River Rafting takes place on Ravi, Beas and Chandra Bhaga and you can have an enthralling adventure for sure.
  • Another water sport like Kayaking can be enjoyed on rivers like Chenab, Spiti and Sutlej etc..,

Frequently Asked Questions About Rivers in Himachal Pradesh

Which are the best river activities to partake in Himachal Pradesh?

Some of the most fun river activities or river sports to partake in Himachal Pradesh are as follows:
1. River Rafting
2. Boating
3. Kayaking
4. Rowing

Where is Beas River located?

Beas River is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The river originates from the mighty Himalayas and travels through the Mandi District and Kangra District in the state. One can indulge in a plethora of fun activities at Beas River, near Manali..

What is so special about the Chenab River?

Chenab River is one of the major rivers of both India as well as Pakistan. A transboundary river, the Chenab River originates from the Himalayas and flows through various districts of Himachal as well as Punjab. The river merges into the prominent Indus River in Pakistan.

How to reach the Parvati River?

One of the most prominent attractions in Kasol, the famed Parvati River can easily be reached by taking a bus to Kasol. One can also take a train to Joginder Nagar railway station which is located near Parvati Valley and take a taxi from thereon.

What are some interesting facts about the Ravi River?

Some interesting facts about the Ravi River are:
1. It is a transboundary river that flows between India and Pakistan
2. The river was known by the name Iravati during the Vedic Era, while the Greeks called it Hydrates.
3. The river also witnessed the iconic Battle of The Ten Kings.