About Bhaga River

The Bhaga river originates from Surya taal lake, which is situated a few kilometers east of the Bara-lacha la pass in the in Himachal Pradesh. The Bhaga river transverses through narrow gorges a distance of 60 km (37 mi) before the confluence at Tandi. The Bhaga River is a tributary of the Chenab River which is also known as the Chandrabhaga River. The tributary originally starts from the Suraj Tal which is a few kilometers from Baralacha Pass. Further, the Chandra River which meets the Bhaga River at Tandi to form the Chandrabhaga, originates from a glacier in the Baralacha La region.

River Course

There are two rivers named Bhaga in India. The first one joins the Chandra River downstream at Tandi and together they form the Chandrabhaga River in the Himachal Pradesh region. As the river enters Jammu and Kashmir, it is known as the Chenab River. The second Bhaga River is a tributary of the Chenab River and flows through the Lahaul Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It originates from Surya taal lake in the Baralacha Pass and runs for around 157 kilometers (98 miles). It passes through the towns of Keylong and Tandi before joining the Chenab River near the village of Mirthal in Jammu and Kashmir. Additionally, the Chandra River originates from a glacier near the Chandra Taal lake in the Spiti district.

At a Glance